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Why debt counselling?

Debt Counselling is a way for an over-indebted consumer to prevent falling further in the deep with their debt. The process helps the consumer to reduce/restructure the instalments of the credit agreements that the consumer has. This means that the consumer will be able to pay the same debt with a reduced total instalment. This also means that there is an additional amount made available for the necessary living expenses. All of this helps the consumer so that the creditors do not take legal action should you not be able to make the minimum payments on these accounts.

Who can apply?

Anyone who is over-indebted as determined by the NCA can apply for debt review, but some consumers may not qualify for debt counselling as their income might not be enough to set up a plan that can help them out of their financial situation. Also if your accounts are handed over to a legal firm, that account may not be included in the debt counselling process. The over-indebted consumer who needs the assistance can make contact with an NCR-registered debt counsellor.

What is needed?

You would need a recurring income (payslip), id book, 3 months’ bank statements and account statements of all the accounts in order for the debt counsellor to assess the financial situation and help effectively. These are the initial documents needed in order to apply for debt review.

How We Can Help

SA Debt Help makes it personal. You are not just another application or file to be opened. We believe in making you part of the family and make sure you are informed throughout the process. There’s no need to face your credit providers alone anymore. At SA Debt Help we contact everyone and take over all processes to ensure your satisfaction and to ease financial difficulty. Do you think you need debt counselling? SA Debt Help provides you with instant assistance!

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